Dr. Lucy Bradley

Dr. Lucy Bradley
Holticultrist, Educator, Author, Master Gardener



~ Holticultrist, Educator, Author, Master Gardener ~

D r. Lucy Bradley, Assistant Professor, is the Director Extension Master Gardeners Program Coordinator: Extention Specialist in Urban Horticulture at North Carolina State University.

At North Carolina State University she works with urban horticulture, consumer horticulture, community gardening, therapeutic horticulture, and the Extension Master Gardeners volunteer program. Dr. Bradley along with 4,500 highly trained volunteers teaches gardeners unbiased, research based information on gardens, lawns, and landscapes. She teaches to maximize beauty, food production, energy conservation, environmental stewardship and pleasure. While at the same time minimizing erosion and storm water contamination from misuse of pesticides and fertilizers. Dr. Bradley has a bi-monthly webinar, Plants, Pest, and Pathogens. She is a regular panelist on the UNC-TV Almance Gardener television show. Dr. Bradley has co-authored 5 books, numerous publications for newspapers, magazines, and journal articles. She has given 67 state, national and international presentation. Dr. Bradley has won 28 national, 21 state and 3 local awards.

As an urban pioneer she is nuturing an ediable landscape of fruit and nut trees, berries and vegetables in her front yard and bees , chickens, berries and vegetables in the back yard.

Dr. Bradley received her;
Masters in Industrial/Organization Psychology from Purdue University
Masters in Botany from Arizona State University
Ph.D. in Plant Biology from Arizona State