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September 3, 2016
October 1, 2016

Southern Gardens Tips

Southern Gardens 101

Have you ever found yourself holding a plant that you just bought on impulse and wondering what you were going to do with it?  Wondering if you should plant it in the complete shade or the sun with partial shade? Asking yourself, “what should I do with a wildflower?”  What are the advantages to planting a plant that is a wildflower in my area?  Will I have to worry about native plants becoming invasive?  What can I do to attract Monarch Butterflies or Ruby Throat Hummingbirds to my garden?  Ok, you think that you can not grow a garden due to lack of space.  Think again!  You can grow in small spaces, even in containers.  Learn the secrets from the experts. It will be Best Work Shop For Gardening Beginners.

I know that you have heard that flowers can lift our spirits.  Just wait until you hear the scientific facts backing up the claim.  I am not interested in flowers but sure would love to grow fresh vegetables and fruit.  Guess what; you are in luck.  We have great speakers talking about vegetables as well as fruit.  They will also speak about growing in small spaces and containers.

So sit back, get comfortable, take notes and enjoy a stimulating twenty minutes segment from each speaker.  We will add two representatives each day.   There will be something for everyone to learn, even the experienced gardener.

Happy Gardening,

Deborah Keever

Host of Southern Gardens 101 Summit

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