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July 25, 2016
Coneflower or Echinacea
July 22, 2016
Day lilies
July 28, 2016


N o Southern Garden would be complete without a Hydrangea. They are native to Eastern America and Asia. The largest concentration found in Asia. However, the Oak Leaf is only native to Eastern America. In addition to the Oak Leaf you also have different bloom styles including the Mop Head, Lace Cap, Pompoms and Annabella. Even though there is a wide variety of Hydrangea colors, red ones cannot be grown in the South. They will not grow in the South due to the high humidity and temperature. The Mop Head and the Lace Cap will be poor bloomers if they get to much shade. All varieties prefer the morning sun with afternoon shade, but the Oak Leaf variety will tolerate more sun. Too much sun may cause your flowers to fade fast.

While choosing a spot to plant your Hydrangea make sure that it has enough room to spread out. They require very little pruning and prefer to grow wild. The color may be altered from a pink to a blue and with more difficulty blue to pink, by changing the pH of the soil. You should not attempt to change the color until they are at least two-three years old. You could also end up with as many as five different colors on one plant. The color cannot be changed on white Hydrangea.

Included in “Southern Gardens 101, Helpful Hints for the Beginner” you will find a variety of ways to dry the blooms. After drying the flowers for at least two weeks, you can change the color by dying them with “Ritz Dye” baths. The longer you submerge them under the dye bath, the deeper your color will be.

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