Ken Druse

Ken Druse
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creating a lush oaisi while dealing with climate change and natural compainions



~ Creating a lush oaisi while dealing with climate change and natural Companions ~

T he New York Times called Ken Druse “the guru of natural gardening. Also referred to as a “Gardening Superstar”. He is an award- winning photographer, celebrated lecturer and the author of twenty gardening books over the past twenty-five ears. The American Horticulture Society listed his first large format book, “The Natural Garden” among the best books of all time. His book “Making More Plants” won the prestigious Garden Writers Association book of the year. Ken’s book “Natural Companions” in 2015 won the gold medal for photography and silver for writing. His latest book “The New Shade Garden: Creating a Lush Oasis in the Age of Climate Change. He was given by the Garden Club of America the Sarah Chapman Francis Medal for his lifetime achievement in Garden communication. The Smithsonian Institute announced the acquisition of the Ken Druse Collection of Garden Photography which contains over 100,000 photos of American gardens and plants. His passion and expertise are easily seen in his book “ Secrets of the Garden-Revealed: Planthropology-the Myths, Mysteries, and Miracles of Our Garden Favorites.

When Ken is not traveling and lecturing, you can find him on his podcast and public radio show“Ken Druse Real Dirt” and also on Youtube. He has contributed to most all of the garden and home magazines in America.