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Louisiana Iris

May 8, 2016
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Argiope Aurantia
July 6, 2016

Louisiana Iris

Y ou may be familiar with several different types of Iris, Bearded Iris, Dutch Iris, Siberia Iris but have you had the privilege of seeing a Louisiana Iris? The breath taking beauty is indigenous to the Southwestern United States with the greatest concentration in Louisiana. However today they can be found as far north as Ontario, Canada. They are a unique group of five species and their hybrids. Louisiana Iris are found in wet areas such as boggy areas on the edge of a swamp and roadside ditches.

They bloom in early spring to mid-summer. The bloom comes in a wide variety of colors and even bi-colors. But whatever the color they have bright yellow signal markings and ruffled pedals. Louisiana Iris need at least six hours of sun to bloom well. However in the hot Western United States they may need some afternoon shade. Transplanting is best done August-October as this is their dormant period. They will tolerate transplanting in the spring.

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