Peter Warren

Peter Warren
Horticultrist, Educator, Researcher



~ Horticultrist, Educator, Researcher ~

P eter Warren is an international renowned bonsai artist based in London who has spent six years training in the traditional manner as an apprentice to a Japanese bonsai master. Since completing his studies Peter has travelled far and wide teaching and working with bonsai collectors and enthusiasts across the globe on a mission to bring the best of Japanese bonsai to the rest of the world, and his creations are exhibited at the highest level in Japan, the US and Europe. In November 2013 he curated a novel contemporary bonsai exhibition, Natural Flux, held at the prestigious Brick Lane Gallery in London.

A published author and respected translator, Peter has been extensively featured in Bonsai Focus, Kinbon, Bonsai Sekkai and International Bonsai magazines as well as authoring a new book published by DK. During his time in Japan Peter featured regularly on the radio and television and is a well known face in the Japanese bonsai community with strong links to all of the major artists.

In demand across the world as both a teacher and a craftsman, Peter has a schedule which is fast filling up.

I am a regular contributor to several local publication including Orlando Home+Garden, the Conway News and Florida Gardening magazine. I’ve appeared on Central Florida Gardening TV and regularly join the Better Lawns and Gardens radio program.