Steve Kaye

Steve Kaye
Author | Speaker | Garden Photographer
How to attract Hummingbirds to your Garden


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D elight, inform and inspire are words used to describe Steve Kaye. Through Steve’s photography his birds seem to come alive as if they are about to fly off the page. He captures the unexpected and extraordinary beauty in nature. According to Steve he uses his photos “to inspire respect for nature” through his talks and articles. He has been taking photos since 1965. It is not unusual for Steve to take time to teach along the way when he is out for a photo shoot. He gains so much pleasure from watching and helping others to learn about the beauty of nature. He uses his blogs and talks to encourage conservation, respect for nature and compassion for all life. “This matters because every advance in human progress was built upon a foundation of compassion.” His beliefs are apparent by all the charities he belongs too and or supports.

Steve has self- published a novel, written four books about business, pinned more than 400 articles and 950 blogs in addition to five collections of poetry. His articles and blogs reflect his thoughts about nature, photography and conservation.

Steve will helps us learn how to take a good photo of a hummingbird and how to attract them to our gardens.