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  • Dr. David Bryne
    22nd October

  • Mary Palmer Dargan
    21st October

  • Dawn Pape
    21st October

  • Ken Druse
    20th October

  • Dr. Lucy Bradley
    20th October

  • Connie & Mike
    19th October

  • Brent Heath
    19th October

  • Charlie Nardozzi
    18th October

  • Gerald Burgner
    18th October

  • Steve Kaye
    17th October

  • Lisa Zeiglar
    17th October

  • Dr. David Bryne
    16th October

  • Lisa Whittlesay
    15th October

  • Ward Upham
    15th October

  • Melinda Myers
    14th October

  • June Mays
    14th October

About the Event

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who has made Southern Gardens 101 Summit possible. The dynamite group of speakers, my wonderful technical team, and you our awesome audience who have made this all worthwhile.

Southern Gardens 101 Summit’s priority was to give our novice gardener a strong foundation to build their dream gardens. Like your house or business, your outcome is no greater than the foundation of which it is built. Oh, you might get by for a while, but sooner or later it will all crumble around you. You may not have a large space or merely have a balcony, but you can still have a sustainable garden. Let us recap what we have learned from the summit.

We build our garden foundation with good soil. The first step or priority should be to test your soil to see if your ph is balanced. You need to also test the nutrients. We can’t expect to grow lush plants in depleted soil or soil that do not drain well. Unless you are trying to create a bog garden.

We have learned about planning your garden or landscape according to the lay of the land and the amount of sun and shade. Some may have an extreme one way or the other. Some may be lucky and have some of both. What is your sun exposure? Where is your morning sun and where is your hot afternoon sun?

What kind of plants do you want to grow? Is your garden right for your choice? We can plan for year around gardens. Yes, even in the north with proper planning. We can have sustainable gardens without giving up our landscape. The two can be compatible. How can we be stewards of the land without having our gardens eaten completely by insects or deer? We have learned about companion planting and using native plants. Native plants are a win-win for everyone. They tend to be lower maintenance, readily available and aid in keeping our eco- system in check. We also learned how to attract hummingbirds and Monarchs to our garden. Let us not forget the impact flowers have on how we feel and respond to color and texture. You will find that your garden is the perfect venue to get to know your neighbors as they stop to admire the fruits of your labor.

Remember above all that all insects are not all bad. The parasitic wasp, ladybugs, and praying mantis are examples of good insects. The use of pesticides destroys the good as well as the bad. Also, pesticides can get into our water supply and our vegetables.

Whether you are a novice or master gardener, I am sure we have all learned new things form our expert speakers. Now that we have learned how to build our foundation plan our gardens and select our plants. You may still need a little guidance in selecting, preparing, planting and the care of your plants. “Southern Gardens 101, Helpful Hints for the Beginner” by Deborah Keever is the perfect place to find your answers. Everything you need to know in one place. Easy to read, easy to understand complete with a color photo of each plant for easy identification. Whatever your question from the zone, size, growing requirements, care to disease and pest control are found in “Southern Gardens 101”. There may be a few terminologies that you are not familiar with but have no fear there is a glossary in the back along with a color zone map. Now armed with “Southern Gardens 101” go have fun creating your dream garden.

Happy Gardening

“Southern Gardens 101” can be found on Amazon

Barnes and Nobles online.
Happy Gardening









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