Susie Vanderlip

Susie Vanderlip
Author | Speaker
Monarch Butterfly



~Monarch Butterfly Speaker and Citizen Scientist ~

S usie is not you typical gardener; she has crisscrossed the United States wowing the audience wherever she went as a theatrical keynote speaker and prevention specialist. “She combines acting, dancing, music, and public speaking with a depth of personal experience and valuable preventive education.” Her audience is captivated with her energy as they learn to build their self-esteem, make responsible choices and sometimes find recovery and support. Susie uses her Broadway-class professional dancing and acting to charm any audience as she brings to life the real drama of drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, gangs, violence, abuse, and AIDS. She offers real and concrete solutions to trouble teens. She has been involved with PRIDE, SADD, MADD, Youth to Youth; Friday night live, child abuse and domestic violence councils, only to name a few. Susie is a Cum Laude graduate of UCLA.

I know you are wondering what all of this has to do with Monarch Butterflies. Well, Susie has become a Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist. She will share with you the story of “Chester.”And what a Citizen Scientist can accomplish. What we must do as gardeners to protect the decreasing population of butterflies. Learn how to attract Monarchs. “ The story of Chester” has been approved as a second-grade curriculum. Susie in addition to her book has a CD and a line of greeting cards all designed to bring attention to the Monarch Butterfly.